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Arby's Rounds Up To Support Soul Food in Fighting Childhood Hunger

Updated: Mar 22

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Arby's AES Foundation

Soul Food received an invitation from the AES Foundation to attend their Inaugural Day of Giving Event on Sunday, February 18th in Huntington, WV. This event was a gathering of Arby's Managers from across the region and several non-profits, with $100,000 available to be given away to 10 non-profits.

A Generous Gesture

As several non-profits were named and received their $10,000 checks, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and gratitude. When Soul Food was called as a recipient, it was a truly moving moment. The donation would be a significant help in funding the upcoming school year, with plans to feed over 150 additional students on the weekends.

Unbelievable Generosity

During the event, Jerry Kroll, Vice President of Soul Food, became emotional when talking about the organization's mission. John Wade, representing the AES Foundation, was deeply touched by Jerry's words and asked how much it would cost to feed the additional 75 students that Soul Food was unable to serve. When Jerry mentioned it would be around an additional $1000 per month, John immediately stepped up and offered to cover the cost, even if it meant doing it personally.

A Moment of True Connection

The genuine care and compassion shown by John Wade towards the children of Eastern Kentucky facing hunger was truly heartwarming. His willingness to go above and beyond to support Soul Food and help feed those in need is a shining example of the good that can come from community involvement and support.

Bringing Hope to Eastern Kentucky

Events like the Inaugural Day of Giving show that some organizations and individuals truly care about making a difference in their communities. The AES Foundation's dedication to supporting non-profits like Soul Food gives hope to those in need and ensures that no child goes hungry.

In conclusion, the generous support from Arby's and the AES Foundation will have a lasting impact on the students and families served by Soul Food. It is a reminder that when we come together as a community, we can make a real difference in the lives of others. Let's continue to support each other and work towards a brighter future for all.

With Arby's and the AES Foundation stepping up to support Soul Food, the community is coming together to make a difference in the lives of children facing hunger in Eastern Kentucky. The generosity shown at the Inaugural Day of Giving Event is a shining example of the impact that organizations and individuals can have when they work together for a common cause. The support and care shown by John Wade and the AES Foundation are truly inspiring, and it gives hope to those in need that there are people out there willing to lend a helping hand. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every child has access to the nourishment they need to thrive and succeed.

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