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There is hope in the mountains

I would have never imagined that when a friend of mine reached out with a lead on digital marketing, God had bigger plans in store. It all started with reaching out to Renee McCoy, the director of Hope in the Mountains. Through Zoom calls to cover her digital campaigns, we shared information about our organizations, including Soul Food. After a few months, I asked Renee to join the Soul Food board, and she gladly accepted. Not only that, but she also offered for her women in recovery to come help pack. This beautiful relationship has now gone on for over two years. In fact, Renee mentioned that "not one" of her women has relapsed that helped pack for Soul Food.

When we gather to pack at Destination Community Church, our first step is unloading the food off the truck. During this time, I make sure to find a Christian music playlist to inspire our volunteers and fill the gaps of silence, although there aren't many. Toward the end of the packing process, I take a moment to pray and thank God for the opportunity we have to serve as His hands and feet. I pray that His spirit moves through the bags of food, providing sustenance and hope to the children we serve, letting them know that He loves them and we love them. I am filled with awe because it is clear that God has orchestrated this entire experience, and none of us can take credit for it. It is God who deserves all the glory for the incredible things that have happened through the Soul Food backpack program.

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